Guidelines for Taking Post- JAMB Examination

Every student desires for his/her Post-JAMB examination to be the first and the last. If you have ever written Post-JAMB more than once, you will be tempted to believe that those who got it right the first time were lucky. But luck has little to do with passing your Post-JAMB.
There are instructions given to you before taking the exam – do not make noise, tick or shade the right answer, stop at the right time, etc. These are to ensure the examination goes smoothly, but you can follow the guidelines listed below to increase your chances of success in your Post-JAMB exam

Post-JAMB Exam Guidelines

1. Arrive early to your Post-JAMB exam center. Make sure you locate your exam center before the day of the exam so you don’t spend time looking for the center on the morning of the exam.
2. Take along only those things that are necessary. If you know you don’t need your phone for the exam, don’t go along with it. There have been cases of mobile phones being seized or stolen from the owners at the exam venue.
3. Take extra stationery along – pencils, erasers, Calculator etc.
4. Dress comfortably and smart.
5. Do not make any noise when in the exam hall. If you constitute yourself as a nuisance, you may incur the wrath of your invigilator, and this would not be good for you as it can lead to your result being seized.
6. Do not waste too much time on a particular question, you can skip it and later come back to it after you’ve answered the recognizable ones.


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